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Programs / Activities

The Westmount School staff are pleased to offer a variety of programs and activities throughout the school year to help make school more enriching and enjoyable for all students. Many of our teachers coach a sport, and several coach multiple sports, offering year round opportunities for boys and girls to be active and competitive against other schools in our junior and intermediate grades.


  • Cross Country Running
  • Senior Girls Volleyball
  • Senior Boys Volleyball
  • Junior Girls Volley ball
  • Junior Boys Volleyball
  • Senior Girls Basketball
  • Senior Boys Basketball
  • Junior Boys Basketball
  • Junior Co-Ed Soccer
  • Senior Co-Ed Soccer
  • Junior Co-ed 3 Pitch
  • Intermediate 3 Pitch
  • Badminton
  • Track and Field

What else can I get involved in?

Staff also recognize that children need multiple opportunities to explore and grow in other disciplines, such as in science, the arts and with literacy. There are intramurals available for all students, plus many other wonderful opportunities. Get involved and have fun!

  • Choir Public
  • Tone Chime Choir
  • Student Council
  • Computer Club
  • Library Helpers
  • Floor Hockey
  • Public Speaking
  • Green Club
  • Celebration Assemblies
  • Joy Day
  • Christmas Concert
  • Snuggle Up and Read
  • Science
  • Talent Show
  • Book Fairs
  • Dance Club

Other events, such as School Spirit Days, also take place throughout the year.